Monday, July 21, 2014

Heart check-up

An unhappy woman usually needs a change of heart more than a change of circumstances. 

We all want to matter. We all desire to live a life where beautiful fruit is the end result of our efforts. And we all want to wake up each day and feel joy inside, knowing that our life has special meaning. At least I do.

I am loving this bible study, especially these "one liners" that knock my socks off and open my eyes to so much truth. I started writing with one of these one liners and the more I think about it, the more I see how very true it is.

Life happens to all of us. Good things in life, difficult things in life. Things that make us smile and things that make us cry. Even though life happens, and it's not always easy, it is possible to still be filled with joy no matter which way the see-saw is tilting at the time.

Many times when we are unhappy our first thought is to figure out what someone else needs to do to make us happy. We say things like..."If you would just ______ then I would be happy." Ever said or thought anything like that? Just fill in the blank. During those times we are determined that someone elses change in behavior will surely make us happy.

I am not saying that change in behavior doesn't matter, because it can definitely help, but what I am saying is that usually when we are unhappy it is because the condition of heart is not healthy. Something is missing. Something is in our lives that shouldn't be there. Our thoughts are pessimistic and nothing anyone can do or say will change them. We get stuck thinking we are the victim and we feel sorry for ourselves. We look at everything we don't like instead of the things we do like. We find ourselves in this cycle and it is tough to escape.

So I agree with the one liner. Many times we need a heart check-up much more than we need our husband or whoever else to do what we want them to do.

There have been times I have begged for things that I thought would make me happy. And they didn't. I later realized it was my heart that needed attention, healing and restoration....and nothing else.

So check yourself today. Check your own heart...instead of spending your energies on changing your circumstances.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Things that make me smile.

Things that make me smile.

A hot bubble bath at night.

Stopping in the Sonic drive-in after a long morning with the girls.

The girls.

Exercising. Boot camp. Hot yoga. Sweating. Sore muscles the next day.

Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing I get to go back to sleep. It's a good feeling.

When others smile at me.

Fajitas and queso.

Hearing the girls pray.

Slow country music.

The moment when you realize you did something and you did it well.

Wearing a headband so I don't have to spend an hour washing my hair.

Knowing that someone loves me without them having to say it.

Wearing sweats when it's really cold outside....with a cup of hot chocolate.

Teaching something that God has laid on my heart.

Cuddling at night with Brylee.

Shopping at Victorias Secret.

Waking up after a good dream that I remember well.

Going to church. Worship music.

Laughing with close friends.

Getting a sweet text message. Or a card in the mail.

Hearing that a prayer has been answered for someone I care about.

Wearing a skirt and flip flops in the spring.

Listening to the girls play with each other.

Mexi dip and chips from Taco Bueno.

When I look up and realize that Brandon is noticing me from across the room.

Laying on the beach.

Laying in bed when it's storming and listening to the rain.

Getting a massage.

Rocking Audree before bed.

Watching the Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood.

Braiding the girls hair. Dressing them up to go somewhere.

When people remember my birthday.

Looking back at old pictures and remembering those moments in time.

Pretty painted toes when I look down.

Greeting a church, hugging necks, seeing friends.

Slow country music.

Spending time with people I can be completely myself with.

Thinking about my childhood and all the neat things my mom and dad did with us.

Cerly's voice.

Realizing how much God has brought me through in my life.

The candy store at the mall. Close to heaven for me.

Watching someone get baptized.


Holding a newborn baby.

Loving someone back.

The women in my life.

Facing my fears.

Blogging...writing....expressing myself during good times and bad.

Feeling God speak to me.

Running in races with friends.

Giving. Serving. Doing things that make a difference in someone elses life.

When I believe that I matter because God says I matter and not worrying about any other pressure or person around me.

Sleeping until noon.

Knowing I can trust someone with my thoughts and who I am.

George Strait. Tom Brady. (it's ok, Brandon is aware of these two silly crushes and he is good with it)

A long jog in the morning listening to worship music.

Connecting with others in a special way that matters.

Just a few things that make me smile.

And this sweet face :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

3 1/2 year olds

It has been a while since I looked through old pictures so I figured it was time :)

Here is Cerly and Brylee, both at the age of 3 1/2, wearing the same little outfits. Sweet girls.

They definitely look like sisters but have their differences too :)

I thought they looked much more alike in this yellow dress...growing up too fast :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The last few days....

Just a few random pictures of some faces that we love :)

Liz and Collin came to visit us this week and we had a good time with them. The girls are always so ready to love on Collin, they love having him around. Liz and I worked hard at boot camp and then worked hard laying in the pool haha.

Tiffany has been helping with the girls some while she is home from college, they love her :)

Five HAPPY kids at Chick-fil-A lunch!
And here are some pretty faces I love! Boot camp dinner at Chuys was lots of fun! I told them they clean up well! I am used to seeing them all sweaty and hot haha! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mrs. Carol

Mrs. Carol has been the girls nanny, and just like a third grandmother, for the last 21 months. Audree was about a week old when Carol came to our family and that seems like yesterday. I remember meeting Carol for the first time and within minutes I knew that God had brought her to us. I never questioned bringing her into our home for a second and I was confident that she would be a blessing to our family. And she has been. 

Today was Carol's last day with us and it was so hard for me. It has always been tough for me to put the girls in others hands but Carol has always made it so easy for me and I am so thankful for that. She came to us when we were moving, I had just had a baby so I was exhausted, I was trying to work and balance the family, and I knew I needed help. She came in and from the first day I knew that she was the perfect fit and we were going to love her.

Everyone that spent time in our home knew Carol and loved her too. As hard as it is to see her go, I am so thankful for the time that she was here. Whether she knows it or not there were many days that she helped get us through the day when this mama was on the edge of losing it. Her gentle spirit was calming and her presence truly mattered to all of us. Our days will not be the same with her here and I know we will miss her so much. 

It's neat to watch others love your children like you love them and I know that Carol did just that. My favorite has been watching Audree run to the door, arms wide open, every morning when Carol would come in the last few weeks. Audree is big now, and saying so many words, and Mrs. Carol is one of those words. She knows that Carol loves her and it shows. 

Carol, thank you for all you have done for our family, all of my friends and their kids, and simply for just being you. Our home will not be the same without you. You truly did bring something special to our days and I will forever be grateful. We love you, The Horton family

Monday, July 14, 2014

Keeping me on my toes!

Little miss has been something else lately. I LOVE waking up to Audree every day. I can already tell that she will be the kind of girl that keeps you on your toes because you just never know what you are going to get with her. 

One minute she is smiling, the next she is serious and then the next she has hit the floor in a full out fit. 

She knows she is the baby and she does everything she can to keep up around here. Anyway, just loving her today and thankful for the sweet gift I have in her. 

And isn't this the cutest smocked swim suit?! My sweet friend Joanna made it for her and I am loving it....thanks girl!!! 

(Pictures to prove that she will keep you on your toes!)

My favorite picture ever. SO dramatic!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rascal Flatts, Swimming & Birthdays!

We are definitely enjoying summer around here!

Rascal Flatts on the lawn with Beverlye and Tom--such a fun time! 

Boot camp swim party with all these fun faces!
Tatum turned FOUR and we had a blast at her Frozen party!!!! 

Quinn and Madden turned 3 & 5...their camping party was awesome. I love this cake! 

Audree was not getting her way on the left...same old thing with this chick!

Stick together

 I hope they always stick together just like this, hang onto each other when things get hard, and love each other through it all. They are lucky to have each other and each day that passes they will treasure this even more....

Friday, July 11, 2014


Only a person who has had intimate access to your heart can betray you to the point of devastation. The deeply damaging, heart-anguishing kind of betrayal is the kind that can shatter your heart. 

This sentence came from the bible study "breaking free" that we are currently walking through. When I read that sentence I agreed with how true it is. The more encounters I have with women, the more I have come to understand that so many of us have allowed people to have access to our heart that shouldn't have been given that privilege. Regardless of when, whether it be in high school or last year, so many of us made the choice to open up our heart to people around us that were not capable of taking care of us.

This study asked us to think of moments where our heart has been broken. Moments where we did choose to give someone access to our heart but in the end they chose to betray us, walk away, and wound us in a way that has stuck with us. Heartbreak occurs all through life, I understand that, but I think we increase the times it happens because we are unwise at times. We trust when our gut tells us not to. We force friendships, typically with other women, instead of being patient and allowing the trust of the friendship to grow naturally. When we were younger we chose to date others that we were told not or maybe we just knew better and did it anyway. We cross lines because we are selfish and we choose our flesh instead of what we know to be true.

Some heartbreak really does grow us, teach us and mature us. It can be purposeful, I do believe that.

Some heartbreak is inevitable but some can be avoided.

The hardest part of all of it is that no matter the reason for a broken always hurts the same. It leaves you feeling lonely, regretful at times, scared of whats to come the next day, and fearful of trusting again.

If I have learned anything, from my many moments of brokenness, it is that I cannot let my broken heart define me or influence how I move forward in a negative way. Each time I have woken up, after a broken heart, I have chosen to believe that God will carry me through. I have decided that I would not give up on loving others to my fullest even though my fear would fight against my hope. I chose to trust, knowing that others are human and will eventually let me down.

I chose to live, to believe and to love like I have never been broken. Because if I were to have focused on my brokenness then I would have found myself stuck in a place of feeling sorry for myself and filled with bitterness. And that is a miserable way to live.

It's important that we love big but that we also create healthy boundaries with others that don't deserve to have intimate access to our heart yet. Be patient. Good friends and true love is worth waiting for....always. We are the only one that gets to choose who gets the access and we must choose wisely.

I love these pictures of Brylee. When I watch her laugh, dance freely in front of a mirror and live life without pain I always pray that I can help her to learn to guard her heart young so that she doesn't have to walk as tough of a road....

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sisters Trip 2014: Schlitterbahn

Sisters trip 2014 was awesome! We are usually only gone about 24 hours so we try to stay pretty close but this year we headed to New Braunfels to check out Schlitterbahn and spend the day there. We laughed and ate so much haha. The rides were a lot of fun and we definitely enjoyed each others company!

Throughout the day we played some fun talking games...

We played "this or that" and it was comical.

For example: "Winter or summer"....."mexican or italian"....."forgive or have to be forgiven" (that was a good one)

We played "What if" which was funny at times and then it would get serious.

For example: "What if you had one month to live....what would you want to make sure you did?"

"What if you could switch lives with anyone else...who would it be?"

"What if you could do something illegal or bad and not get in trouble....what would you do?"

And there were a few more games that brought up lots of girl talk. You get the picture. It made waiting in lines a lot more fun :)

After the water park we headed back to the hotel to change for dinner. Mexican food was the vote, imagine that!

Once we got back to the hotel we were delirious. We had been up since 4:30 that morning to make the 4 hour drive so we were exhausted!!! One last picture before we headed inside....

 Each year it gets better and better--I can't believe that God has blessed me with these three girls that I GET to do life with!!!! I can't imagine it any other way---I love them SO much and I never take a minute for granted!!! 

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Vacation moments!

This is the last of the vacation pictures--the next day we enjoyed swimming, eating, making smores, dancing in the grass and having a blast!

Great trip with our little family :)