Sunday, September 21, 2014

Final Disney Post!

We can't wait until Audree is big enough to go to Disney so that we can go back! We didn't visit Animal Kingdom or Epcot so we have lots to look forward to for next time. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

The final post are all the random pictures from the trip and are some of my favorites. Brylee and Cerly were so wonderful the whole time which made it very enjoyable which we were so thankful for. Sometimes traveling can be so difficult with kids but this trip was such a joy. We will treasure these memories.

They thought they owned the airplane when they got on lol....

 We loved our afternoon naps, all four of us would crash out!

 One afternoon at Magic Kingdom it poured down rain. We ran through the whole park in the storm and we were so wet but it was so much fun...

 Room service every day was a favorite....

 Water breaks and resting on daddy....his arms were getting tired by the end of the days...
Half a day at the water park...

Lets just say we were all worn out by the end of it, I would say we had a blast. Until next time..

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Disney: Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios was fun, it was all about the shows!!!

We went to Frozen, Little Mermaid, Disney Junior Live, Beauty and the Beast...there were so many great ones and the girls loved them all. There were not many rides for their age but if you enjoy shows then it is a great place for sure.

Our little movie stars were ready to roll bright and early!!!
Frozen sing-a-long was the best!! There were tons of little girls singing "Let it Go" with all their hearts and it was adorable!

Starwars ride....

Beauty and the Best was the best!! It is one of my favorite Disney love stories :)

We were up until midnight this night so the girls were a little crazy and delirious....
Toy Story ride was one of the favorites for sure--we closed down the park on this one!

Disney: Elsa & Anna

After the boutique we had a photography do a little photo shoot with Elsa and Anna. The girls go crazy when Brandon bows to them and says "your majesty"......

Introducing Elsa & Anna!!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Disney: The Boutique

Everywhere you look you see little girls running around in princess dresses with their all made up like they are going to the prom. Magic Kingdom has a special little place called Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique and their sole purpose is to completely makeover little girls and turn them into a princess.

The girls loved every minute of their makeovers. We brought them Elsa & Anna dresses that they wore when they were done. I swear they walked around the park the rest of the night like they were the queen! Brandon and I called them "Elsa and Anna" from then on and they loved it.

What a fun experience this was for them, it is a MUST if you ever bring little girls to Disney!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Disney: Spirit of Aloha!

One of the hotels had a luau that we went to one evening and we really enjoyed it. 

The food was good and we loved the atmosphere. It really felt like we were in Hawaii for a few minutes :)

Here are some fun pictures from that evening.....