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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Blog update

Hey friends! I just wanted to update and say that I am not ignoring my blog. All of my posts are messed up and I have not been able to figure it out. As of now I am working on launching a whole new blog the first week of December. (I hope!) Once I get it up and running I will post the link and I can get started again.

This is a very exciting week. Audra will be welcoming baby Aria into the family, we will be celebrating Brylee's 7th birthday and of course Thanksgiving. It will be a good week to take a break and enjoy some sweet family time. I hope all of you have a wonderful week too! I will be in touch.

I will leave you with one of Heath's 3 month pictures! Happy Thanksgiving week!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The finish line!

(my blog formatting has been all messed up but after a few hours I finally got this one to work correctly. However, none of the other ones will post and it is so weird. Anyone had these issues?)

Anyway, this morning we had a little fun and surprised one of my very best friends!! Melissa had been training for a half marathon for months and in the end wasn't able to get out of town to actually do the race.

So Kerri and I decided to surprise her with a race here in town. She wanted to still run the 13.1 miles so Kerri told her that she would run it with her. I ended up running about 6 and then I snuck off to get the surprise ready.

I knew I needed some back up cheerleaders so I stopped by my house to pick up the Horton girls, I knew they would be perfect for the task and have so much fun doing it. We got to the finish line, we used chalk to write FINISH on the ground, and the girls held the banner for them to run through. It was so neat.

You can see them coming!! This is when we started screaming! Audree was SO into it!

Making memories each day of this is the little moments that make a day more beautiful. Love you girls!
While I am writing about races, I have to talk about my friend Joanna. She has been doing boot camp with me for years and I have grown to love her and her heart so very much. Every time I work out with her I think about her dedication and she constantly makes me giggle inside when she talks under her breath....especially when we are doing tires. She is just amazing. Well earlier this year she set out on a journey to run her first marathon which is 26.2 miles!!!! My body would never function running that long but she put her mind to it and guess what....SHE DID IT!!! I was praying for her so hard as she ran and when we saw that she finished I just cried with her. I say "with her" because I just knew she was crying too when she crossed that line.

I asked her if I could include her picture here because I want it in my blog books. I know I will look at it years from now and I will remember all the emotions I felt as she ran that race. I just love her so much and I am so proud of her. Way to go friend, you truly are AMAZING!!!! 

Her finish line pictures are priceless....

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Heath's Birth Video

I wanted to share Heath's birth video. Although I have posted many of these pictures already, I wanted to create a video from the day that he was born. It's so hard to believe that it has been almost three months, that day seems like yesterday.

I love how much I already love him. Each time we welcomed another little baby into our family I feel like our hearts grew and we still had so much love to give. It was no different this time and it has been the sweetest experience.

The video is about eleven minutes but my favorite part is the prayer at the end. When I heard this prayer, and began to pray it over Heath, tears fell down my face. I was a mess but a good mess. If you listen to each word I feel like that is everything you want for your children and this is my new prayer for not only him but the girls too. More than anything I want him to know Jesus, to serve Him, to stand up for what is right, to always do his best and to know that he is always loved no matter what.

The very first chorus of the first song says "Jesus I believe in you...." and I love it so much. The truth is that each time I met a new little one my faith grew even more. It is such a beautiful miracle that affects me to my core. And when I saw Heath's face for the first time I just cried, and smiled so much, because I could never put that joy into words.

August 19, 2015 was a day that changed my heart one more time and changed our family forever. We love you little man........Click here to watch. 

Monday, November 09, 2015

Running on empty

"Attention needed" flashed over and over in my view as I was driving down the highway a few weeks ago. I could see it on the screen in the dash of my car just before I realized that my tank was on empty. I needed gas badly and there was no gas station for miles. As I drove down the highway, praying I wouldn't run out of gas, all I could see in the background was "attention needed" flashing and beeping.

It's funny because that drive was just the beginning of God speaking to my heart about running on empty. It wasn't just a few days later I found myself physically out of fuel. I was on day three of a cleanse, trying to get through a 4-5 mile run, when all I could see was black. I continued to run, hoping that it would go away, but it wouldn't. I began to slow down as I realized that I had nothing left. I couldn't push myself to "do it anyways" like I normally can because I didn't have one more ounce of energy left to give. I was empty.

As I sat on the side of a curb trying to get my eyes to focus I felt like my body was screaming those same two words at me over and over...."attention needed." My friend Janet sprinted back to the car so that she could come and get me and as we drove home I once again had the same feeling inside that I felt the day my car was running on empty.

I was nervous. I felt frustrated that I let it get to this point and I hadn't paid better attention. I felt scared that I wasn't going to make it. Then I got angry because the whole situation was disrupting my plan of exercise that morning. And when we finally made it to my house I felt relieved that I was at a place I could rest, breath and get myself together again.

Talk about an emotional experience. By this point God had my attention and I was more willing to stop to listen. The whole point to doing the cleanse was to detox my body from the enormous amount of sugar and Dr. Pepper I had been fueling my body with since Heath was born. I had been functioning on 3-4 hours of sleep a night so my choice of food/drink was not exactly the smartest nor the healthiest. But after three days on the cleanse, with only salad and water in my body, I wasn't exactly fueled well enough to go and run 5 miles either. Which led to the blacking out and waiting on a curb.

The more I thought about this the more I realized how important it is to fuel not only our bodies, but our minds, with healthy fuel. Am I the only one that finds herself running on empty emotionally at times too? It's like one day you seem fine and the next day you are losing your freaking mind. Yes, I lose my mind sometimes. I recently had one of the sweetest moms at preschool drop off ask me if I ever get mad as a mom. She was being so sweet telling me that she noticed my patience with the girls each week at drop off but I couldn't help but giggle inside because that is not always the reality. Yes patience is something that comes very naturally to me as a mom but there are so many other areas where I struggle. And yes I get upset and frustrated, we all do right? It is just that different things push our buttons and the kids have to do a lot before they push mine. At the same time I have other buttons that are extremely sensitive and it doesn't take much.

I am learning that there are times in our lives when our hearts are screaming "attention needed" and we continue to live and do as if we are ok. But we are not ok. Those are the moments where we need to stop and give ourselves a minute to think about why. I know that I just keep going and going, trying to avoid the areas of pain, and that doesn't always end well. Often times it ends with me crying in Brandon's arm because by then that is all the energy I have left to give...and after a few hours of crying I am really wiped out if you know what I mean.

Running on empty isn't healthy, whether it be physically or emotionally, and it doesn't benefit anyone. Brandon reminds me that if I don't take care of me then I can't take care of our family. And he's right.

It was so easy to see an empty fuel tank in my car that day and make myself drive straight to the gas station to fill it up but yet sometimes it is so hard to give ourselves the attention we need to fuel up as well. But we should. The days I turn up the worship music, focus my thoughts, and quote scripture are the days I feel the healthiest because I am fueling my mind with life. My circumstances haven't changed but my mindset does and that goes a long way when you are fighting an internal battle.

When we start to see those black spots, and lose focus, we should stop to rest. When we feel the need to shed a tear we should let it fall instead of fighting it to the point where we feel like we are going to choke. And when everything inside of us is screaming "attention needed" we should ask for help so that someone else can help us carry the load....whatever the load is at the time.

I pray we can stop getting caught up in the false realities of  news feeds on social media and let it be ok that sometimes we are just not ok. I promise you that others can post beautiful pictures in the midst of a raging storm going on in their life. I have. And I can promise you that I feel myself running on empty in more ways than one at times and I know I am not alone. Lets choose healthy fuel today...our bodies and minds need and deserve it! Plus it just feels so much better to start the day, or the drive, with a full tank!

Sunday, November 08, 2015

A great weekend!

The last few days have been fun around here. Brandon had fun getting away to go hunting and my mom came and spent the weekend with us. I sure miss him when he is gone so having my moms help with the kids all weekend was awesome. 

I haven't opened my computer much all weekend so I figured I better get caught up with pictures. 

This week Cerly and Audree went to their new doctor and it was a great experience. The appointment was for Audree but Cerly got some extra attention. Since we went she has been dressing up like a doctor and walking around asking everyone if she can "doctor" them! Oh and she calls herself Dr. Julie, it's cute. 

The real Dr.Julie let Cerly check Audree's heartbeat and participate which was so sweet of her. Cerly has always said she wants to be a doctor so it is fun watching her get to do what she loves...even if it is for pretend :)

Brylee was supposed to have her last cheer game for her school team but we got out there and they ended up not cheering. It was ok though because they did a few cheers for us on the side and we called it a morning. Heath just goes along with the flow....for now!

Last week Audree decided she was ready to sleep in her big bed again. For the last few months she has chosen to sleep in Heath's crib because she wasn't ready for the big bed. Well this weekend I couldn't find Cerly anywhere and after searching the whole house I found her sound asleep next to Audree. It was so sweet. I assumed I would go in and they would be up to something but just look at them...

Lots of cuddles and help with Heath from the big sisters, I love that they enjoy taking care of him. 

Heath is just a week away from turning three months. He is starting to get his big boy face, smiling all the time, and really interacting with us. Just a few pictures of him to end the night. Ready for another week, one week closer to Thanksgiving break!