Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Brylee's Birth-DAY Fun!

Before we head into Thanksgiving I just wanted to wrap up Brylee's birth-DAY fun! Birthdays around here are more like a week celebration.

Yesterday she had a few stops for her birthday experience. 

We started bright and early at the Grimes house for a double birthday breakfast. Cade and Brylee always love seeing each other on their birthday so it has kind of become a tradition. Melissa made the best breakfast and the cutest banner of these two. All the pictures are of them over the years, so precious. I told her we should save it for when they are teenagers :) I really hope they get married one day, they are super sweet together! 

Here is the gang. Cerly was hanging out with her Miggie and we missed her. Such a fun morning. 

Before we headed to the next spot we went to Audra's house because she had made Brylee a special gift she wanted to give her. Audra had put together a photo album with all of their of pictures in it and Brylee loved it! 
I asked Brylee where she wanted to go for her day and she said American Girl so we were off to the Galleria. I love that she is old enough to shop with and eat lunch with, she is a really fun date!

We waited for Daddy to get off work so that we could end the evening having dinner with him. Oh she loves her Daddy so much :)
And now we have a 6 year old on our hands, doesn't she look so grown up?!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Becoming a Mommy

I woke up this morning thinking about the importance of today. Not only is it Brylee's 6th birthday but it is the day that changed my world forever. Nothing was ever the same after Brylee was born and my life had a new meaning that would never be taken away from me. Becoming a Mommy changed me, changed the way I looked at things, changed my world completely.

Becoming a mom has impacted every part of me but it has impacted my heart at the deepest level possible.

My heart beats for the girls.

My heart leaps for joy inside when they smile.

My heart rejoices and constantly feels blessed when I think of the gift that they are to me.

A part of me knew my heart would feel some of these things when I became a mom, but I had no idea that my heart would also hurt at a deeper level too.

When they hurt, I hurt. When they are not ok, everything inside of me is not ok. I can only imagine the moments we will walk through raising them but I am well aware that it will not always be an easy road without pain. Life is painful and I am prepared for that. I realize I will have to watch them cry when their boyfriend breaks their heart, I am sure my heart will break for them. I realize there will be moments where I won't be able to fix their pain and letting them feel their pain will be more than my heart might be able to handle.

You can't experience the joy without the pain on this side of Heaven and as their mom I accept that.

My heart is ready to celebrate with them when they experience a "win" in life but my heart also has to be ready to hold them when life isn't so sweet.

As their mom that is my job and it is a huge responsibility. Learning to protect, without controlling, is what I pray I can learn and learn well.

My heart changed the most 6 years ago today and it will never be the same. The bumps in the road will be worth the joy in their eyes every single step of the way.

Thank you Brylee June for making me a mommy and for showing me what unconditional loves looks like.

You are a gift.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Brylee's SPA Party!

Brylee had a very special birthday party this weekend. About half way through the party I found myself just smiling watching all the little girls. They were so well-mannered and mature, it made me so happy to get to watch them enjoy their spa :)

Brylee watched the ladies set up the party and I could just see her getting so excited. She truly appreciates special things, which makes me want to give that to her. 

The tables were ready and so were 12 little girls....

I have the most talented friends who make the cutest cakes and cookies! Message me for their info!!! 
The girls played spa bingo, they gave their faces a scrub session, relaxed with cucumbers on their eyes (which was my favorite), painted their nails and lived it up! 

Each friend got to have a couple of alone minutes with Brylee to help her open their gift. I had never done it this way before but it was so neat. Each friend was so kind and they were able to share a special moment together. One of my favorite parts...

Brylee you are one lucky little lady. Your friends, old and new, are so precious and I thank God for bringing them into your life. Life is about finding those special people to do life with, enjoy the spa with, and laugh with. You are experiencing just the beginning of what beautiful friendships feel like and I couldn't be more happier. 

I pray you always remember to be a good friend first and love them deeply.

Happy party day, I love you!
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Choose Life!

Everything starts in our mind.

Only you can can wake up and decide how you are going to think or what you are going to allow to dictate your day.

So today, choose joy. Choose peace. Choose to trust even if it seems impossible. Choose to push through instead of choosing to quit. Choose to overcome. 

Choose life in your mind and choose life in your thoughts and things will be different. 

Happy Sunday. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Rock a Baby"

"Mommy....rock a baby...."

Those are the words that Audree says every night when we walk into her room at bedtime. She knows she is my baby and she wants to rock. She has never been one to enjoy sitting still, and rocking, but lately it is all she wants and I love it.

I feel like I blinked and my tiny little newborn turned into a toddler that talks, plays and lives it up with the big girls. It all happened way too fast for this mama's heart.

I love how God always knows what we need, and exactly when we need it, because rocking Audree is what I need right now. I need quiet, I need slow, I need to enjoy the little moments that really are what life is about.

I need to enjoy her without distractions and she is letting me.

Almost 6.

In less than a week this little girl will be six years old. Six. 

This has been a big year for all of us with Brylee starting school. She has absolutely soared in Kindergarten so far and she loves every minute of it. I miss her being at home but it is so neat to see her come home each day so full of joy. She is definitely in the right school and the right class this year and I love knowing she is exactly where she needs to be. 

This Saturday we get to celebrate Brylee with all her little kinder friends. It took her about five minutes to make me a list of her friends, including all her "new" friends, that she wanted to invite to her party. I didn't get a say this year, which was a struggle for me lol. She was on top of it. My mom said when I was Brylee's age I would stand at the door (at my parties) and let everyone know where to put their present on their way in. I guess I was leading as a young girl haha. Brylee reminds me of myself so much, she knows what she wants and she makes it happen. 

I am so proud of her and I cannot wait to celebrate with her. 

I can't believe my first baby is almost 6. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Papa's Plant"

As we left Papa's service we got to choose a plant or set of flowers to take home with us. I knew I wanted something that would be a reminder of my Papa, something that would last a long time and come back each spring.

I chose a small green plant with tiny purple flowers on it and we had it planted in our front yard. I love it. I love going to check the mail and walking back towards the plant, remembering him.

It's special. Brylee knows exactly where it is and she loves to water it all by herself. We are looking forward to watching Papa's plant grow over the years....

Monday, November 17, 2014

Brylee's 1st Cheer Competition!

Brylee June is a natural cheerleader. She loved every second of her first competition and she was so excited to get her first trophy! She is growing up so fast and we are loving getting to witness it. We were so proud of her out there, way to Brylee!!

After their cheer they performed their dance and she was shakin' it!!! 
Cerly went to cheer her on, she was her biggest fan! 

Brylee you are SO loved and all of us were blessed to get to watch you. Way to go little cheerleader!