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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Fun-filled week!

This post is going to be picture overload!! October is starting out pretty wild around here. 

Cerly is going to be FIVE in a couple months and I just can't believe it. I have really enjoyed watching her with Heath the last few weeks. She is learning how to be gentle with him and it has been good for her to calm down and hold him throughout the day. This girl has so much energy :)

I was able to get a few picture of her loving on him...

This family picture was taken after a CRAZY 24 hours. Brandon and I were up all night because Heath was struggling and the girls were so out of control. All day I kept thinking "Jesus take the wheel" and so that was the title of my Instagram post when I posted this picture lol. There were no other words! 

I got to take Audra's maternity pictures and I loved this one!! So excited for their family!
Brandon took the girls for ice cream one night and this is the picture I get from them. Made my heart happy to see them having fun together. 
Another weekend of cheer and soccer. Oh and Cerly scored her FIRST GOAL ever!! I was at cheer and Brandon was with Cerly. He said she was so proud!! 

Just some random pictures from my phone this week...and no, I did not give Audree the soda. She sure thought she was funny though sneaking it from the fridge when I was feeding her little brother. 

I caught the girls dressing Mimi up and having a tea party with her. Oh they were so cute!

I caught someone trying to smile in this picture. I call this a half smile haha but he is really alert and starting to notice when different people come around. He is such a sweetheart :)

Sweet Ellery got dedicated at church on Saturday night and she looked so precious :)
We wrapped up the weekend showering baby Aria. Oh we can't wait to meet her! It was the perfect shower, Audra is so blessed with amazing people that love her and her little girl already. 

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Starting fresh!

Starting over is tough no matter what you are doing. Starting something new is also tough. I have been thinking a lot about that lately as I have tried to get back into running after having Heath. Before I got pregnant we had worked so hard, sometimes 6 days a week, and we had finally gotten to such a great place with the running. I stayed pretty active during the pregnancy but it has still been really hard to get started again. 

Every time I get out there I think about what it takes to keep trying. The first time back at it felt awful and I left so defeated. That is never a good feeling. I think that is why it is so easy to quit when you are starting fresh. The more I have thought about it, the more I think that it comes down to three things for me. 

1. Get accoutability. This is huge. When I am up half the night with Heath, and my alarm goes off at 6:30 to get up to run, I SO badly want to turn it off and keep sleeping. Like SO badly haha. However, I have someone counting on me to get up and that is huge. Starting something new with a partner is always easier...we can't do the tough stuff alone, right? 

2. No excuses. This is pretty self explanatory. If you commit to it then you gotta do it. No matter what. You won't reach your goal making excuses. Whatever your goal may be. You reach your goal by doing what you said you were gonna do regardless of the obstacles come up. They say that people do (and spend their time) on things that are most important to them. This is true. 

3. Pray hard. I noticed that when I was out there running, and thinking about myself and how awful it felt, I would slow down and become so weak. After that first run back I decided to make a prayer playlist. I start it up at the beginning of the run and each song matters. Right now I have 5 songs that repeat and I am sure they will change over the next few months. 

I pray for different things when different songs come on. 

During "Every part of me" I pray for my own family, my thoughts, my current struggles and I try to get my mind in a healthy place for the day.

During "God is Able" I pray for my parents, my brother and my sisters. I think about the things they are struggling with and I pray for those specific things. 

During "I am" I think of one person that needs God to show up for them in their life right now. I love this song and I love how it talks about how He is everything to us during different seasons of our life. 

During "I drive your truck" I pray for loss. When my Papa passed away I sent this song to my dad because it reminded me of my Papa. It talks about how we all grieve differently. It's a good old country song but every time I hear it I think of my Papa and my Mimi so I pray for those closest to me that have lost someone special to them. 

During "Jesus at the Center" I pray for what is heavy on my heart. Each week tragedy hits people I care about and each week it changes. This song gives me a chance to cover those in prayer that have asked me to that week. 

It's neat because all of the sudden my focus is shifted from the tough run and my thoughts are focused on others. Makes a huge difference every time. 

So there you go. If you are trying to start something new those are my thoughts on how to make it easier :) Good luck and take it ONE day at a time! 

Saturday, October 03, 2015

"My Story"

Towards the end of summer I wrote about baggage as we tied it in with our last boot camp workout. You can click here if you missed it. A few days ago when I was cleaning out all the boot camp stuff, just like I do at the end of every summer, I came across the bag that we used that day. The bag that we pulled, full of weight, up a very long hill. I stood out in the driveway staring at the bag, which was completely demolished, and I couldn't help but think of so many things.

After that bag of weight had been pulled up the hill over and over there wasn't much left to it. There were holes, many tears in it and it was obvious that the bag would not be able to be used another summer.

I stood there staring at it and I felt like God spoke to me so clearly. He reminded me of my own baggage. My story. The times in my life where I have failed and had to get back up again and keep going. The moments where I have been hurt and where my insecurities were screaming so loudly. The feelings of wanting to be accepted so badly by someone who wouldn't give me a chance...and wouldn't accept me. The overwhelming emotions that come when we choose to carry all of this baggage throughout our day.

Right there in the driveway it was as if I could picture my own heart and I could see the holes, the empty parts, the areas that had been destroyed and affected to the point of deep hurt. I saw myself carrying some of the same baggage, still to this day, and it was as if He was telling me to stop. It was as if He was telling me to "let it go" or else my heart would continue to become destroyed just like the bag of weights had.

Each day we have a choice. We have a choice to wake up and decide what we are going to carry around. We get to choose if we are going to carry around unforgiveness, pain of the past, anger, jealousy, bitterness. The list is endless. Or are we going to wake up and choose life, peace, love, positive thoughts regardless of our circumstances. It's our choice.

For many of us our "mess" is private and we deal with things the best that we can. We wake up every day and we get to choose whether we are going to allow our mess to anger us and cause us to be resentful or if we are going to allow our mess to motivate us to keep doing our best. I think if we were all honest we would say that we do both, I know I do. Many days I pray through the mess and the baggage and I try to be the best I can be for my husband and my children. And then there are days I let it get the best of me and my days turn into a disaster. Each day I just have to start fresh, it's all I know to do. I have to cling to God and His strength because I am too weak to do it alone.

My dear friend Melissa sent me a song last week that puts so much of my heart into words more beautiful than I could ever try to write. It is called "My Story." Honestly, this is my song. Somehow God has used so much, the good and the bad, to point me back to Him. Writing helps me sift through the mess and brings healing to the places in my heart that are in desperate need of healing.

Click here to hear "My Story."

I will leave you with a sweet moment I watched from my bathroom. I love how they love him already.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dancing divas & Soccer mania!

The middle girls are enjoying their activities lately. Audree loves to perform so dance has been exactly what her little heart desires :)

Cerly likes dance too but she is also really enjoying playing soccer with her friends Katie and Abby. I am not sure which one she enjoys more but soccer is only 6 weeks so I am glad we could work both in for her. She has so much energy to burn so it's good for her to keep busy. 

Here are some pictures I took of them last week, they looked so cute headed out holding hands so I had to get them to pose for me. These two are double trouble no doubt!

At the soccer game on Saturday Katie and Cerly were literally holding hands everywhere, even on the field! They love each other so much and that makes me happy but I guess we have to teach them that when it's time to play soccer we gotta stop holding hands haha. 

So neat that they teams joined up and ended the game in a prayer together, loved seeing that!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wrapping up September!

Every week seems to go by so fast, I can't believe it is October in two days...crazy! It is still over 90 degrees so it is more hard to believe. Yesterday the girls were swimming and it still felt like summer! 

We are enjoying the sports with the girls now that we have figured out a good system to get there without looking like a total mess haha. We are loving that football season has started back and getting to watch the Cowboy games. And running has been fun, I have sure missed it. 

Fun week with lots of pictures....

One of my former students came to visit us and meet Heath! She lives 8 hours away and was here for the Garth Brooks concert. I was so excited! I love Bailey so much and it is always so nice to see her!

Watching the Cowboy game with this crew was WILD. At the end of the night all we could do was take a crazy picture in this mess the kids made. As much as Kerri and I hate messes I would say it was worth it since everyone had fun!!

Getting ready to go to pre-school, the girls are doing so well and loving it so much. 

Heath had lunch with Ellery. She is an aggressive little thing haha. He loves her :)

Sunday morning run with Kerri and no strollers, our favorite. 
Mimi had some sweet Heath time too last week. I love this picture of the two of them. He loves being held :)
And lots of pictures of family loving on Heath. He is starting to become more alert lately. Oh and Audra's little girl is due the week of Thanksgiving!! We can't wait!