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Monday, March 02, 2015

Time out!

The blog is going to have to take a "time out" this week!!!

With our women's retreat being this weekend I am mentally in a million other places and I need to break from blogging so I can focus on bigger priorities. Everything is going amazing as we prepare but as I prepare to speak I just need my mind to be completely focused.

Once we wrap that up I will be back at it next week!

I took this picture along time ago of Brandon putting the girls in time-out, I figured it was a good one to post for today!! Have a wonderful week--

Friday, February 27, 2015

A perfect snowy day...

We had no idea that a real snow storm was headed to Texas but within 2 hours we had a completely different view outside. Stuck inside again......the girls don't know what to do with all this snow!

 It is not time for our next belly picture but how could we not have a snowy themed picture!!! Almost 14 weeks but ending week 13 :)

We ended it with a snowball fight....that eventually went wrong for Audree. Poor thing, she was just trying to be big! 

Bless her sweet heart....

Staying warm

We are ready for the cold weather to move past us around here. I love these sleeping bags that my bought the girls for Christmas. They are so soft and warm, the girls have been snuggled up in them a lot during this snowy week! They are from Pottery Barn Kids if you wanna check them out, they have all different kinds of animals to choose from :)

Anyway, we gotta get this day started around here. Hope everyone has a great Friday!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brylee's birth weight project

Brylee has had several little projects this year in Kindergarten but one of my favorites was last week. They had to get a bag of rice and measure out exactly how much they weighed when they were born. I loved it because it gave us a chance to get the rice together, talk about when she was born and what that was like, and then her and Daddy did the measuring. Crazy to think it has been over 6 years since she was this little bitty 6 pound, 8 ounce baby girl....

Lots of fun pictures trying to get the measurement just right :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow: Round two!!

The snow is already melting but it sure was fun while it lasted!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day. Part one

We had a blast today!! It was our first snow day of the year, you can always hope to get at least one in Texas! This morning Cerly woke me up saying "Mommy we gotta go outside because it is snowing!" It was way too early but she was so excited so we had to get out there. Daddy was still asleep so part one of our pictures are just of the girls. I was hiding on the porch freezing cold but they were loving every minute! I love days like today....

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The boy tub!

Well we are getting back to real life around here. Last week was crazy exciting and now we have two more trimesters to wait until we get to meet the little man! 

So many of you are asking this question so I figured I better answer it. 

"What was your girl name and would it have been a D name?" 

We had two picked out like I wrote before and yes, one of them was a D name. Remember me saying that Brandon asked Brylee to pick the night before since we couldn't decide? 

Well she picked the "D" name out of the two and it was Daylee. A friend of ours told us this name about a year ago so we always held onto it in the back of our minds. 

No telling if we would have officially chosen it, because like I said I just couldn't connect with it. Brandon was torn too so I just don't know. He really liked the other choice as well, which he said I couldn't share "just in case" we ever need it ha! He made it clear that there were no plans for any more babies after this but then he said you just never know sometimes.

So there ya go. I guess we will never know if we would have really gone for it. I had to text Kerri the night before the gender reveal with the boy name and the girl name so that she could make the signs for pictures. I did actually tell her Daylee but after I sent the text both Brandon and I wondered if we were gonna stick with it. I guess we knew we could always change it. 

Anyways, so we are getting back to life. Brylee and I did something fun earlier today. Remember how Brylee was supposed to be a boy? Almost 7 years ago we were told that she was a he and so I went crazy shopping for the first baby. I was excited! Well when we found out that they were wrong I put everything in a tub and put it in the attic. Today we opened it and it was so much fun to look through it, especially with Brylee since it was supposed to be for her. I love that God knew what we needed that many years ago and He knows exactly what we need now. Life would not be the same without our big girl Brylee! 

Excited for another week, if you are in the Dallas area then bundle up because it is cold out there! I think tomorrow will be a snow day--who hoo!

Oh and baby Heath already has some adorable clothes that we found in the tub. So much fun!! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

His special name.

Our little boy has a very special name. 

Heath Robert Horton. 

We had talked about a few different names, or combination of names, over the last few months but we feel really excited about the name we have chosen. 

Heath is after Brandon, his name is Brandon Heath. 

Robert was my Papa's name who recently passed away. My dad also shares this name. 

Every part of his name means something to me and when I think about it I love the way it makes me feel. We were sitting at dinner a few weeks ago and it hit me. We were talking about names, and trying to officially decide, and I said....

"If this baby is a boy, and we name him Heath Robert, then he will be named after three of the best men that I know." 

It was hard for me to keep it together when I realized that. And that was the moment where it all came together for me. One of the moments where God was preparing me, and my heart, for a little boy. 

Every time I think of him I will think of three men who I love deeply, respect in so many ways, and three men who have changed my life forever. I can only pray that baby Heath will love the way these men do/did and that he will live his life in a way that reflects the love of God.

I love him so much already. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gender Reveal Details!

I am not even sure where to begin. Yesterday was such a full day in so many ways. Full of emotion, full of love, full of family joy, full of friendship that was seen through as so many of you genuinely celebrated WITH us. Every moment of yesterday was overwhelming, in the very best way, and I am still trying to wrap my mind around all of it.

It's funny because I never "the feeling" that some moms get about the gender early on. I remember feeling it with Brylee but I didn't have it this time. I knew I felt different, very different, but the nurse just said that sometimes our bodies can get used to pregnancy and it really didn't mean there would be a gender shift. So I tried not to think too much of that. I knew I was struggling to settle on a girl name, which was unusual, so I thought there might be a reason for that. We had narrowed it down to two girl names, and Brandon loved both, but I just couldn't land on one of them. The night before Brandon told Brylee both girl names and told her to pick. She did and he said "that's what it will be if it's a girl!" Even then I was uneasy, almost like a girl was not feeling natural this round.

It wasn't until I went to bed, the night before the reveal, that I felt like I kinda "knew" it might be a boy. I laid there thinking about all the ways that God had been preparing my heart for son and I just had a peace about it. I woke up 6 times that night, I was so anxious, and every time I woke up I was dreaming about the painting photo shoot. (it was going terribly wrong every time haha) However, every time I woke up I saw blue paint. Every single time. That was probably the only moment where I felt like maybe this really was a boy.....
A while back I was looking on Pinterest and I saw this paint idea and thought that it would be such a fun way to do the reveal. I asked my sister if she would be in charge of the envelope results and help make this moment happen for sure. We realized quickly that it was going to take a small team to pull it off, and do it well, so that the girls were not screaming out the paint color before it was time. My friends Melissa and Kerri agreed to be behind the scenes helping make it happen. I knew there would be signs to be made and other things that I wouldn't be able to do. My friend Julie has always been a part of capturing all of our special baby moments on camera so she too was there ready for the action. 

It was definitely different driving up to the park not knowing how all of this would play out but it was so neat that I didn't know. I felt good about them knowing and doing everything they could to make it special for us, which is exactly what happened. 

They blindfolded us first. The girls were hiding out in the bathroom because we didn't want them to see any paint. We were mostly worried about Cerly because she dances to the beat of her own drum and listening to instructions is not exactly her strength :) 

I won't ever forget this moment, my heart was beating so fast and I could barely stand it. I could feel the excitement from the others there even though they were not saying much. I was trying so hard not to even open my eyes because I was nervous I would be able to see through. Oh the joy I felt being blindfolded, knowing that the moment was close......
They walked the girls over, we were all painted and blindfolded, and they all counted to three really loudly. 

ONE, TWO, THREE.......

Audra said we had a delayed response, we were shocked, even though we both knew we might see blue!!! We were still in awe and it took us a few seconds to react. Once we looked at each other we looked down and realized that Audree and Cerly were still blindfolded. Bless their hearts, they didn't know to take it off! 

The minute Audree could see the paint she panicked and started crying. She is definitely her daddy's child and does not like to be messy!!! It took about 45 seconds to calm down, I think she was just confused at what was going on. 

When we took of Cerly's blindfold I said "Cerly, you are gonna have a brother!" She looked at us and said "I told you so!"

It wasn't news to her. Heck, she had been praying for her baby brother for weeks! It was so funny that she said that to us in that moment. There was no shock factor with her. 

These moments were, and will always, priceless to me. These pictures truly captured every part of what was going on inside of me. It is amazing how one moment can change your life but yesterday changed me. This moment changed me. There is going to be a little boy that will complete our family, in the perfect way, and there are no words for that. There are feelings for that and Julie was able to capture that feeling on faces. Life will never be the same...

As I type this I am crying sweet tears. A long time ago I learned that going through life with special family and friends is the only way to do it. Friends are the special ingredient that make every moment even better. I can honestly say that yesterday was better because we were experiencing it with the ones we love. There are so many of you that anxiously waited with us and I could feel your love. God has blessed us, in more ways than we could ever have imagined, and we are thankful that we don't have to walk through life alone. 

Yesterday filled me with so much joy....I will never forget the moment our lives changed forever.....again! 

Love you all!