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Monday, March 30, 2015

What a weekend!

What a weekend! Brandon and I spent the weekend in Vegas with Ross and Audra and that was a blast! It was a super quick trip, just Friday-Sunday, but we were able to pack so much in so it was great. I was happy to be joined with another pregnant person haha.

We took our first belly picture together as pregnant sisters-who hoo!! 18 weeks and 5 weeks :)

We didn't take many pictures from the trip. We did some shopping, we watched March Madness and we spent a lot of time at the craps table. We have the best time playing that and we actually came out ahead this year which is a first.

A few pictures from our trip......

Love this next picture--right after we left a very hot craps table!! We were screaming like crazy!!
So thankful for everyone that helped with the girls while we were gone, they have been telling me all morning they had so much fun! 
Speaking of the girls, last week we took several trips to the park--the spring weather is perfect around here and we are definitely enjoying it! Have a great week!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Frozen on Ice!!!

Thursday morning Melissa and I took the girls to see Frozen and Ice. I woke them up that morning singing "Let it Go" and Audree was the MOST excited. She was screaming Elsa and laughing so hard. I swear she is completely in love with these characters. Getting ready to go!!!

They couldn't wait to get sno-cones, cotton candy and anything else they could get their hands on. We loaded up on snacks and headed to our seats....
They loved the entire show!! I loved sitting back and watching all of their faces, they were adorable. Great memories with great friends!

I think they had a blast!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Excited for them!

My sister already made this new official BUT it has to be included on the blog too. Zeke is going to be a big brother and we could not be happier for them! Finally, Audra and I get to be pregnant together and our little babies will only be 3 months apart. I love this, I just know that they will be so close. Of course we are already starting to wonder, and guess, if Zeke will have a brother or a sister. We just can't wait! 

Congrats Ross, Audra and little buddy Zeke!!! We love y'all so much!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


A few months ago someone asked me this question....

"If you could change something about yourself, what would you change?"

After thinking for a few minutes I had several things on my "list" but one of them being this....I wish I had pretty nails so that I could have pretty hands. Like I said, just one thing on the list but one that has got me thinking lately. 

I have always struggled with my nails. When I was young I would bite my nails all the time and I had such a hard time stopping. I remember when I was about 13 my Nana told me if I could grow out my nails then she would buy me a season pass to Six Flags. Of course that was super motivating for a 13 year old and I remember doing it. Somehow I pushed through the tough moments when I wanted to bite my nails and I chose not to. Unfortunately I began biting them again just months after I got the pass and have pretty much struggled since. Brandon let me know a long time ago that he didn't like when I bit them so I started to peel them, that way my nails were never in mouth :) It is funny how we can always find a way around our nervous habits. 

About six weeks ago I was thinking about the question I was asked and I started thinking about why I had not made the change if that really was something on my "list." I thought about why I would not make the effort to improve something if I had full control in doing so. Of course there are some things, on all of our lists for sure, that cannot be changed but there are many things that can. I honestly think that we choose not do anything about it because we are either scared, lazy, unmotivated, or simply because we don't desire the change enough to make it happen. Because of this, we stay in the same place, wishing that things could be different. It is a lot like many years ago when I was very overweight, about 70 pounds, and the day finally came that I decided I couldn't live like that anymore. There was a shift in my mind and in that moment it wasn't an option to stay the same was time for change. 

A few days ago I sent a picture text out to some girls that are trying to eat healthy with me so that I can maintain a healthy state (physically and emotionally) this round. 

The picture said "If it doesn't challenge you then it doesn't change you!" 

So so very true. True change takes effort, consistently choosing right, self-control, patience and time. True change does not and will not happen overnight. That is why it is so hard. We won't see the results quickly but those are the moments that matter most. We have to choose to keep going, and keep making good choices, even when we don't see the fruit yet. This is why most people quit, especially when it comes to weight loss. After eating good for one week, and exercising hard, we want to look so different. But the truth is, we didn't gain the weight in a week and we certainly will not lose it that fast. However, if you keep going even when you don't see the fruit, then the fruit will WILL eventually come. You just have to embrace the journey, knowing that your change is around the corner. And also knowing that change is taking place along the way inside of you and that is the change that makes all the difference in the world. 

All of this got me thinking and I decided to set my nail peeling habit aside and make a change. I realized there was no good reason to continue in that, especially since it bothered me so much. They have been growing for 6 weeks now and they are finally starting to look like real nails. It hasn't been easy. I have to distract myself constantly when I get nervous since that was always my "go to." I have had several manicures so that they could cut the cuticles and attempt to help them grow. 

Just like any change, there will be rough spots along the way. If we are attempting to change our hearts, our habits/addictions, our weight....we need to understand that there will be ugly things inside of us that need to go in order for God to truly weed out the unhealth inside of us. The reason we begin bad habits is usually because there is hurt, pain, or issues inside of us that we have not dealt with. We have to be willing to let things heal if we really want to get to the other side and truly change.

If I asked you what things are on your list, what would you say? What has been stopping you from making it happen? 

Think about it. Think about starting today and making the change in order to get a healthier you!! It will be hard but I promise it will be worth it! 

Speaking of change.....just a fun little strip of each of the girls! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Dancing for Jesus!"

Every once in a while I can capture moments of dancing when all three girls are completely in tune with the music. We call it "dancing for Jesus" and these are some of their sweetest moments. They all try so hard but yet it seems so natural at the same time. I love their hearts, their love for each other in spite of their rougher moments, and I absolutely love watching them dance....

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweet week

Today was a super sweet day. We got to throw Kerri a baby shower for her little girl and loved every minute of it. I got to see some familiar faces as well as meet some new friends :) Kerri is just weeks away from her due date and we can't wait to meet this baby!

Kerri, thank you for letting us do this for you today. We love you!

The girls enjoyed the spring weather last week, I think it made all of us happy!

Brylee put on a good show on the bar upstairs, she was proud of herself!
Just some sweet sister pictures....

And I had to include this last one. Brandon came home from work really late one night and he came to the bedroom with a rose. It was the night after the Bachelor Finale and he said..."Will you accept my final rose?!" It was so cute and creative. Had to post.