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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Brylee and this mirror!

This week I am catching up on all the random things that go on in this house! I am trying to do short little posts for each of them to try and scrapbook all of them. One thing about Brylee is that she loves this huge mirror in our entry way. Every time I turn around she is being silly in it, putting on her lipgloss in front of it or posing when she is ready for school. It makes me laugh, I hope she always love the mirror like she does now!

I found these pictures of Brylee when she was a one year old. She loved it even then! Click HERE for the full post! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Littles

I have really enjoyed my time with the littles this year while Brylee has been in Kinder. I miss her so much but it is really healthy for me, and the girls, to get more alone time with each of them. When I see the littles in these outfits I can't help but think of Brylee and Cerly when they wore them, seems like yesterday. 

When Brylee is at school it gives the littles a chance to dress alike and form a little bond of their own. Cerly and Audree are only 21 months apart and sometimes I can't believe how close they are. 

Audree loves her "best friend Cerly" and she loves letting Cerly take care of her, as long as she doesn't boss her around! 

Just for fun, here is Brylee and Cerly at that age! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Playing with Daddy

I found these pictures of Brandon and the girls that I hadn't posted yet. They love when he comes home from work early and gets to play, toss them upside and do all the things that Mommy can't do haha. Never wanna forget these moments!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Little girl haircuts.

I just had to document the girls haircuts this time. My hair dresser, whose name is also Cerly, always treats them like little princesses when I take them in. I just love her and they love going!

Cerly and Cerly!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Five months. Working it out!

Here we are again. Another month down and going strong.

5 months seems so far along but really we still have a ways to go. Not many changes this month. Gained a couple more pounds. Still exercising and trying not to slow down too much. The girls are keeping me crazy busy so that helps!

I chose to do the workout theme this month because this month I have had to start working harder and fighting harder mentally. I am so good though, pushing through and overcoming the small stuff. Writing about it last week helped so much because I felt like I could breath afterwards. The rest of the week was great, I am determined to thrive!

I also went and saw a new doctor that basically tells you all the reasons you have issues. When I say "issues" I am referring to all the things we deal with physically and just cover them up with medicine. For me, they are things like insomnia, vertigo, depression, nightmares....there are a few more I'm sure. He tested me for so much and he told me all the reasons why I struggle with these things. He said that pregnancy is so hard on me because the fatigue and depression worsens when trying to grow a baby. He said I naturally fight a lot of this with running, especially when I am not pregnant, but it is much harder to do that while pregnant.

After he told me what was wrong with me he told me all the ways I can change my diet to help make these next few months a lot better.


He basically told me that my life, when it comes to food, was over! I told him I might die without dr pepper and flour tortillas! But in the end I told him I would do it. So I am on day three and honestly I feel really good. Sometimes I do feel frustrated that I can't have so many things but I want to do what is best right now. You don't get cheat meals on this plan so that will be my biggest obstacle to face. I am anxious to see how it effects me and the pregnancy. I will keep you posted!

I guess there were more changes than I thought! Oh and we had the anatomy sonogram last week and baby is still a boy! I needed to see that to make sure before I started putting the nursery together!

5 months down, 4 to go! I told the girls to "be strong on their faces" and this is what I got! Love them.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring program

Just a few action shots from the girls program last week. I couldn't believe Audree and how much she participated in her song, she was all into it! She is very much like Brylee, such a performer at a young age! Sweet school and sweet moments.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Catching up!

Hey hey. My computer has been broken all week so today I have it back and I am catching up on pictures and such from the last two weeks. It is crazy how everything adds up fast when you take a break. It is a slow afternoon here. The big girls are with my mom and Audree is sleeping so I have some Mommy time to get the list marked off :)

We had a fun girls night out for 5 of our friends with April birthdays. We had good mexican food, yummy cupcakes and some sang karaoke. I would say it was a great night!

Brylee had career week at school and many of the parents from her class came to talk about their career. Here is Brylee and Brandon getting ready to leave for dental day! I know she was so proud that her daddy came to her class!!!

Night time stories and cuddles with sisters...

Running and speed walking with my girls. I fell about a week and a half ago (shopping, go figure) and I hurt my foot really bad so I have been out all week from exercising. It is crazy how much that effects me not being able to get out and run. I am hoping to start back tomorrow so I am excited. 20 weeks into pregnancy and still going! Apparently I just need to stay out of heels so that I don't get injured trying to buy stuff--geez!

Yogurt after school with the Potts girls!
And this was the day I fell. Great great day with Melissa choosing nursery furniture though!!
The girls with Ms. Gloria and all their Easter goodies from her. She is so great to them, we love her so much!
This is not the best picture but it is all my family at Texas Roadhouse. Lets just say it was a CRAZY dinner! This time next year we probably won't be able to go eat with two newborns haha. We are just getting too big. 
And we wrapped up this morning at Mimi's house. I love Zeke's face in this picture, he doesn't know what to do with all these girls--I love it. 

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Beauty in the fight!

".....that boy has a mission and a purpose on this Earth. What an honor to get to be the vessel that brings him here and trains him up the way he should go."

When I read these words in a text from a friend this morning I just cried. Sweet, thankful tears that needed to be shed. I have been so scared to cry this pregnancy, to the point where I have counted the three times I have cried in 19 weeks. I fight tears, even in moments where it would be normal, because I fear getting back to the place I was when I was pregnant with Audree. It is no secret that I struggled tremendously on my journey carrying her and it took everything I had to get to the place where she came into this world. Those closest to me were the only ones that really knew what a dark place I was in, and even then I am not sure they even really knew. Brandon and I both feared having to walk down that road again if we ever were brave enough to try for a fourth child. I have never been able to put that time into words that made much sense. I would just say to try and think of a very dark time in your life, where you never wanted to get out of bed because emotionally it just hurt to bad. Think of that time and maybe you can relate. All of our dark places are defined differently, and I understand that, but when depression suffocates us then many of the emotions/thoughts that we think and feel are the same.

The first 18 weeks of this pregnancy have been pretty non-eventful. I have been blessed and even though I have been fearful at times, at the thought of depression coming back, I have not had to experience any of those emotions. Until about a week ago. I noticed myself drifting in my thoughts, and I started to find myself on a familiar path, so I immediately began to fight them. I chose not to tell anyone because I didn't want to let anyone down. I have so badly wanted to overcome the past and walk through this pregnancy well. The thought of having to tell someone I was struggling was just something that I wasn't ok with. But after a few days I realized that I had two choices. I could continue to hide and suffer, knowing exactly where that road leads. Or I could allow myself to be vulnerable so that those closest to me could help me get back up.

I woke up Tuesday morning and I told God that I was going to tell three people that I was struggling and so I did. There is something about letting others share your burden that is so comforting to me. We were not created to walk through this life alone but yet so many times we choose something that is so unnatural.

I am a fighter and I choose to fight hard when I see a purpose. I choose to fight hard when I feel passionate. I choose to fight hard when I see that God wants to perfect parts of my heart through the fight. The seasons of my life where I have learned the most are the times where I had to fight the hardest. When I had to fight for my marriage, fight for my health against all my insecurities and addictions, fight for my children, fight for the things that matter most.

One of the three people I chose to tell yesterday sent this text this morning....

 ".....that boy has a mission and a purpose on this Earth. What an honor to get to be the vessel that brings him here and trains him up the way he should go."

I shed so many tears when I read this text because her words hit a part of my heart that needed to be activated. Her words had meaning and my eyes were opened to the purpose of these nine months. Pregnancy has always been a time that I have to survive. It has never been a time where I thrive. But when I read her words something inside of me felt the fight coming out.

I choose to fight hard when I see a purpose...and her words reminded me that not only will Heath have a purpose on this Earth but my purpose is to be the vessel that brings him here. That is an amazing purpose and it is much more than just pregnancy.

I choose to fight hard when I am passionate....and there is nothing I am more passionate about than my children.

I choose to fight hard when I see that God wants to perfect my heart through the fight....and there is no doubt in my mind that there are some rough edges of my heart that need to be smoothed out, purified, and made whole.

So I choose to fight today so that the next 19 weeks will be a journey that represents beauty and a purpose that is much greater than anything else I could ever imagine. I choose to fight against the enemy or any other negative thought. I choose to be transparent and not walk this road alone, whether I am on the mountain top or in the valley.

Something inside of me couldn't go to sleep tonight without writing this because I feel like someone reading this needs to be reading this. Not because you are in my shoes on a pregnancy journey but because you are facing the two roads of giving up or choosing to fight. I pray with everything inside of me that you choose to fight, no matter how hard every single step will be. And even though we can't always see the purpose, I assure you that God can and He sees the completed puzzle.

Just a few things to remember....

*We all struggle in our own ways, I promise.

*We all need others to walk through life with us, we were not made to walk alone.

*You can't judge a book by its cover. Many of us, including myself, are pros at hiding our pain. But it doesn't mean that we are all doing ok, right? Remember that as you look around. A smile on someone's face is just a smile, it doesn't reveal the many obstacles they are currently facing.

*There is purpose in our pain.

There is, and always will be, beauty in the journey and hope through the fight.

How it really went down!

As we wrap up Easter, and move forward this month, I couldn't help but end with these pictures of Audree. All I posted before was the last one, when she was looking so sweet and smiling, but if you wanna know how it really went down then here you go. She is very difficult to take pictures of unless she is in the perfect mood or if you give her candy :)

I love the first picture. She was not having it but she slowly came around haha!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easter Day with Peter the bunny!

Easter was very special. The kids were in Heaven and really enjoyed Mariana's live bunny rabbit! Dustin volunteered to be Peter the bunny this year and that was a huge hit, except for with Audree...she was not a fan of the bunny. Great day and great memories with sweet family.