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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Cerly's sick day

Today Cerly had to stay home from school because she has pink eye, fever and ear infections. Poor thing. 

At first I was so sad for her but the morning turned out to be so sweet with just me and her. Lately I have been struggling because I am not able to get alone time with her ever. I get alone time with the other two but not Cerly since she naps and goes to bed before Brylee. It has really been weighing on me because for so long she was my baby and was always on my hip. I think I was just missing her this last week....even though I am with her all the time. It is different when it is one on one. I had decided I was going to take Cerly somewhere once a week alone so that I could have that special time with her and I was excited about that. 

The fact that she was sick today was no fun but I needed that time with her and I think that God knew that :) 

I feel so much better after today...and I loved watching her dress herself up with 5 headbands and everything else! Such a cutie...

She is so different when she is alone. She was so calm and big!! I loved it! Here she is helping me organize her closet :)

Sweet day.

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Emily said...

Aww, I'm sorry she was sick, but it looks like you turned it into a real blessing. What a sweetie - love those headbands! Haha