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Friday, January 25, 2013

Big, middle and little!

We are getting better at taking pictures with all three girls. It is not easy at all but I am determined to figure it out ha! The girls wore their BIG, MIDDLE & LITTLE shirts this week so it was the perfect opportunity to try and get a good picture. 

I think we did pretty good! They all look alike to me in this picture...with their own twist at the same time...

This was our middle child in most of the pictures...not wanting to do what I needed her to do! The whole idea of a "middle child" makes me think I need 4 kids. I can't be dealing with the middle child stuff all my life haha! She's a cutie though, even when she is not minding. 

"BIG SIS BRYLEE" is always taking care of everyone and being in charge of the little ones....

"MIDDLE SIS CERLY" is always smiling and enjoying life without missing a beat!

"LITTLE SIS AUDREE" continues to be precious little blessing bringing us so much joy!

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