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Friday, January 04, 2013

My 2 1/2 month old little girls...

Every month I reminisce and look at all the girls when they were babies. Today I was looking at these three pictures and thinking about how much more they all look alike at the age of 2 1/2 months. It is fun to look back and remember Brylee and Cerly when they were this little...seems like yesterday.




For some reason I can't make this collage bigger, but if you click on it then you can. Man, I think they all resemble each other a lot at this stage  :)

Anyway, another long day here. All the girls are asleep so I am breathing. We took Brylee back to the doctor (our 5th trip in 3 weeks) and she tested positive for the flu. It explained all the crying and whining this week, the fever, etc. Poor thing, she can't get a break. Yesterday she even took a nap--I should have known that she was really sick....she has not napped since she was 2. 

We think she is on day 6 of the flu based on what they said. They said it lasts 3-11 days so maybe it will end for her soon. Doing our best to keep the little ones away from her but it is tough. Just praying that no one else gets it. Our whole household is tired of sickness.

Here she is right now...passed out with a jacket on. She refused to lay in her bed so the recliner it is...for now.

Looks like we will spend this weekend inside again. We all probably need the rest so maybe it will be good for us. 

I have been having fun on the instagram collage app lately. I posted some of these on Facebook but thought I would post them on here too. 

She loves to fall asleep with her taggie over her eyes. I let her since I am holding her and then I slide it off before I leave the room! Brylee did the same thing as a little baby :)

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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