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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Practice makes perfect: The Cartwheel

Brylee is all about gymnastics right now. She practices her cartwheels EVERY SINGLE DAY over and over because she wants to learn so badly. I love watching her get better each day and she finally has it down!! She is so proud! 

So a few days ago I went upstairs to watch her practice and I caught some of it on camera!

And she's off.... are a few of her in the air! She loved these pictures...

....and she was SO stinking happy when she landed on her feet over and over!!! Love her face here! Yay Brylee!

Definitely one of the best things about being a mom--watching your kids feel that feeling of accomplishment!! 

What next? I am teaching her how to do a back-handspring! I taught my sister when she was really little and she went on to be an amazing tumbler/cheerleader. (It all started in our front yard with the back hand-spring lol.) I think I have it in me to teach Brylee---and I can't wait! We have a long ways to go but here she is trying....

With anything else in life, practice makes perfect!!!! 

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