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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's been going on?!

What's been going on this last week?!?! 

Well, Audree is big haha! She is playing so much lately and we are having a blast with her. It is about that time again to try out the crib at night. Brylee and Cerly were both sleeping in their cribs by 4 months, 12 hour  stretches, and Audree turns 4 months next week. Not ready for that transition but everything wakes her up in our room now and it is like walking on egg shells every night to keep her asleep. So I am gearing up for that!

It is amazing how a person can go without sleep for so long. I cannot believe I have been up night after night for almost 4 months and haven't fallen apart! On Sunday my body literally shut down and I felt so sick because of sleep deprivation. I gave up trying to "do stuff" and went to bed at 7:30 that night. Oh how I needed that. I usually go to bed at 11 or 12 and it was killing me. It is time to get back on a normal sleep schedule, at least that is what my body is screaming to me!!

Here is miss I said, she is so big and looking like Cerly at this age...getting chunky!

She has already caught on to this picture thing. (I must train them young to smile!) 

She loves sitting in the recliner-I love how small she looks in it...

My mom had a birthday this week and so we celebrated her and how special she is!!! Our lives are definitely better because of her! 

Our Cerly is finally back! My kids have never had strep and all I can say is wow! It had her down for 5 days. She got so skinny, she lost 4 pounds. I have never seen her so still in her life but we are glad that she is feeling better.

These pictures were from before she got sick--my how she was loving a sip of my Dr.Pepper. I need to  literally throw out all the DP's in my home, but I have not just yet lol. I think I might once I get to sleep through the night and  hopefully that is soon! My addiction is not good.

Brylee is doing well. I registered her for her LAST year of preschool. I cannot believe I only have one more year with her home. I might have already said that on here but seriously, time is getting away from me. I am not ready for Kindergarten at all. However, I think she is. All she wants to do is learn all the time!

Playing hair salon with her cabbage patch doll...

A few days ago the kids magazines came in the mail. Her favorite thing to do is look through them and circle her favorite outfits. Well when she was looking through them last week she said....

"Mommy, oh my this outfit is super cute!! I need it!!" 

Hilarious. Just love her. Happy Tuesday!

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