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Monday, May 20, 2013

Big girl trip: Class of 2013

Last weekend Brylee and I flew to Oklahoma City for a quick, over-night trip. She was so so excited that she got to go with just me! She calls us "the bigs" since we call the other two "the littles."

The very last class that I ever taught graduated Friday night so that was our reason for the trip and we had such a fun time together. Brylee acts so big, it was like having my little best friend there!

At the airport all ready to go....

When we got to the hotel we were so tired so we slept and watched cartoons :)

Then we had a picnic on the bed with Olive Garden....
...and it wouldn't be a trip without jumping on the bed!

Getting ready for graduation--

We met Liz and Collin for dinner beforehand and we enjoyed seeing them...

Graduation was fantastic. Definitely brought tears to my eyes reliving all the sweet memories as I saw each of their faces. God is so good as He brings life full circle and we are able to see blessings years down the road. 

I was even able to see this group of girls. They are all in college now and I was very close to them when I taught them. So proud of them for sure.

As Brylee and I were leaving I felt a hand touch my arm. I looked up and it was a young man that I had once taught. He never said a word in my class. He always listened, and would give me the sweetest grin, but he was very shy. Back then he really didn't believe in himself and he didn't think he would be able to go to college. When he touched my arm, and I looked up, I remembered him like it was yesterday. 

He said...."I just want to say thank you Mrs. Horton and tell you that what you said to us and taught us mattered. I never thought I would ever go to college and now I am in my second year. Everything that you told us about believing in ourselves really mattered to me." 

And then he gave me that same exact grin that he always used to give me. Kids grow up on the outside, and they become adults, but their hearts are still so fragile. He said more words to me in those sentences than he ever said before but they were words I will never forget. I was reminded that God is using us even when we don't know it and we are planting seeds that we may never see grow. I am thankful I was able to see a glimpse of that seed in that young boy because what I saw was beautiful. He believed in himself and that was all that I ever wanted for each child when they sat in my classroom. 

The night was perfect. Sweet memories, so many hugs, and smiles that are stamped on my mind forever. I am grateful for the chance to teach these kids-they taught me so much too!
This is Victor. He gave Brylee her very first baby gift when she was in my tummy. He gave her a build-a-bear on the last day of school and I will never forget it. Such a sweet boy!
Goodnight everyone. (notice that baby doll had to come on the plane and she had her own bed on the nightstand! Oh the joys of having daughters.)

We flew home hand in hand. Special trip and I can't wait for the next one with her. 

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Anonymous said...

Knowing your heart, you must have had such an amazing impact on the lives of so many~you continue to bless so many, merely in the way you live your life!